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Israel IPTV subscription 12 Months ( Full Package )


You are buying Israel IPTV subscription 12 Months ( Full Package ) activated and sent by Email or Message – No physical item is included

Get access to all your favorite TV channels, movies, and series. Once your payment is done, the login info and the how-to guide are sent directly to your email a few minutes after.

✅ Fast delivery ✅ Easy to setup ✅ Immediate Activation ✅ Support by all device

Buy Israel IPTV 12 Months Subscription – Smart IPTV, Firestick, Mag Box

Welcome to the ultimate destination for premium Israel IPTV services! With our 12 Months Subscription, you can now enjoy seamless access to a wide range of top-quality Israeli channels, movies, series, and more. Whether you’re using Smart IPTV, Firestick, or a Mag Box, our service ensures a smooth and delightful viewing experience right in the comfort of your home.

Why Choose Israel IPTV subscription 12 Months ( Full Package )

  1. Extensive Channel Selection: Our Israel IPTV service offers an extensive range of channels, including popular Israeli TV networks, news, sports, entertainment, and cultural channels. Stay up-to-date with the latest events and immerse yourself in Israeli culture from anywhere in the world.
  2. Premium Quality Streaming: We understand the importance of a buffer-free and high-quality streaming experience. With our state-of-the-art servers, you can enjoy crystal-clear picture and sound without interruptions.
  3. Compatibility with Multiple Devices: Whether you prefer Smart IPTV, Firestick, or Mag Box, our service is compatible with a variety of devices. You can watch your favorite shows on your smart TV, tablet, smartphone, or computer – the choice is yours!
  4. Easy Setup Process: We’ve streamlined the setup process to make it user-friendly and hassle-free. Within minutes, you’ll be ready to enjoy top-notch Israeli entertainment.
  5. Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or technical issues you may encounter. We are committed to providing you with the best service and support throughout your subscription period.

Top Apps for Smart IPTV-Firestick-Mag Box, and Phone:

  1. IPTV Smarters Pro: A user-friendly app allowing you to watch live TV, VOD, and series with an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for easy navigation.
  2. TiviMate: Ideal for Android TV and BOX users, featuring a modern interface and advanced features like multiple playlists and scheduled TV guide updates.
  3. Perfect Player: A simple yet powerful IPTV player supporting M3U, XSPF, and EPG formats, ensuring smooth streaming.
  4. GSE Smart IPTV: Compatible with iOS and Android devices, this app supports various playlist formats and features parental controls for added security.
  5. VLC Media Player: A versatile media player that handles M3U files, offering an additional option for VLC-savvy users.
  6. XCIPTV PLAYER: A popular choice for enjoying IPTV content on various devices, thanks to its visually appealing and user-friendly interface.
  7. TIVIMATE IPTV: Renowned for its efficiency and intuitive layout, TIVIMATE IPTV organizes and streams IPTV channels seamlessly.
  8. SET IPTV: Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free IPTV viewing experience with SET IPTV, featuring a straightforward setup and user-friendly design.
  9. QUZU IPTV: A simple yet comprehensive IPTV solution that ensures easy access to your favorite content.
  10. IBO IPTV: Experience a wide variety of channels and on-demand content with IBO IPTV, making it an excellent companion for your IPTV subscription.
  11. FLIX IPTV: Delivering a seamless and buffer-free streaming experience, FLIX IPTV is a top choice for IPTV enthusiasts.
  12. NET IPTV: Offering great compatibility and a user-friendly interface, NET IPTV is a reliable option for accessing your IPTV subscription.


  1. Is an IPTV box necessary for this service?
    No, you don’t need a separate IPTV box. Our service works on Smart IPTV, Firestick, and Mag Box, allowing you to use your existing devices for streaming.
  2. Are there any additional hidden charges?
    No, the price you see is the total cost for the 12 Months Subscription. There are no hidden fees or extra charges.
  3. Can I use this service outside Israel?
    Absolutely! Our Israel IPTV service is available worldwide. All you need is a stable internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted streaming.
  4. What channels are included in the subscription?
    Our subscription covers a comprehensive selection of Israeli channels, including news, sports, entertainment, and cultural content. You’ll have access to all the popular networks.
  5. Is the streaming quality HD?
    Yes, we prioritize high-definition streaming to ensure a premium viewing experience.

Don’t miss out on the incredible entertainment Israel IPTV 12 Months Subscription has to offer. With a vast range of Israeli channels, seamless streaming, and compatibility with Smart IPTV, Firestick, and Mag Box, you’re just a few clicks away from unlocking a world of content. Order now and embark on a journey through the best of Israeli television and culture from anywhere in the world!


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